Getting Started

This section will help you build a basic VitePress documentation site from ground up. If you already have an existing project and would like to keep documentation inside the project, start from Step 3.

  • Step. 1: Create and change into a new directory.

    $ mkdir vitepress-starter && cd vitepress-starter
  • Step. 2: Initialize with your preferred package manager.

    $ yarn init
  • Step. 3: Install VitePress locally.

    $ yarn add --dev vitepress
  • Step. 4: Create your first document.

    $ mkdir docs && echo '# Hello VitePress' > docs/
  • Step. 5: Add some scripts to package.json.

      "scripts": {
        "docs:dev": "vitepress dev docs",
        "docs:build": "vitepress build docs",
        "docs:serve": "vitepress serve docs"
  • Step. 6: Serve the documentation site in the local server.

    $ yarn docs:dev

    VitePress will start a hot-reloading development server at http://localhost:3000.

By now, you should have a basic but functional VitePress documentation site.

When your documentation site starts to take shape, be sure to read the deployment guide.