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Home Page

VitePress default theme provides a homepage layout, which you can also see used on the homepage of this site. You may use it on any of your pages by specifying layout: home in the frontmatter.

layout: home

However, this option alone wouldn't do much. You can add several different pre templated "sections" to the homepage by setting additional other options such as hero and features.

Hero Section

The Hero section comes at the top of the homepage. Here's how you can configure the Hero section.

layout: home

  name: VuePress
  text: Vite & Vue powered static site generator.
  tagline: Lorem ipsum...
    - theme: brand
      text: Get Started
      link: /guide/what-is-vitepress
    - theme: alt
      text: View on GitHub
interface Hero {
  // The string shown top of `text`. Comes with brand color
  // and expected to be short, such as product name.
  name?: string

  // The main text for the hero section. This will be defined
  // as `h1` tag.
  text: string

  // Tagline displayed below `text`.
  tagline?: string

  // Action buttons to display in home hero section.
  actions?: HeroAction[]

interface HeroAction {
  // Color theme of the button. Defaults to `brand`.
  theme?: 'brand' | 'alt'

  // Label of the button.
  text: string

  // Destination link of the button.
  link: string

Customizing the name color

VitePress uses the brand color (--vp-c-brand) for the name. However, you may customize this color by overriding --vp-home-hero-name-color variable.

:root {
  --vp-home-hero-name-color: blue;

Also you may customize it further by combining --vp-home-hero-name-background to give the name gradient color.

:root {
  --vp-home-hero-name-color: transparent;
  --vp-home-hero-name-background: -webkit-linear-gradient(120deg, #bd34fe, #41d1ff);

Features Section

In Features section, you can list any number of features you would like to show right after the Hero section. To configure it, pass features option to the frontmatter.

layout: home

  - icon: ⚡️
    title: Vite, The DX that can't be beat
    details: Lorem ipsum...
  - icon: 🖖
    title: Power of Vue meets Markdown
    details: Lorem ipsum...
  - icon: 🛠️
    title: Simple and minimal, always
    details: Lorem ipsum...
interface Feature {
  // Show icon on each feature box. Currently, only emojis
  // are supported.
  icon?: string

  // Title of the feature.
  title: string

  // Details of the feature.
  details: string

Released under the MIT License.