Global Component

VitePress comes with few built-in component that can be used globally. You may use these components in your markdown or your custom theme configuration.


The Content component displays the rendered markdown contents. Useful when creating your own theme.

  <h1>Custom Layout!</h1>
  <Content />


The ClientOnly component renderes its slot only at client side.

Because VitePress applications are server-rendered in Node.js when generating static builds, any Vue usage must conform to the universal code requirements. In short, make sure to only access Browser / DOM APIs in beforeMount or mounted hooks.

If you are using or demoing components that are not SSR-friendly (for example, contain custom directives), you can wrap them inside the ClientOnly component.

  <NonSSRFriendlyComponent />

The indicator OutboundLink is used to denote external links. In VitePress, this component has been followed by every external link.