Differences from VuePress

VitePress and VuePress have different design goals. Both projects share similar config naming conventions. VitePress aims to have the bare minimum features needed for authoring docs. Other features are pushed to Themes. On the other hand, VuePress has more features out-of-the-box or enabled by its ecosystem of plugins.


If you are using VuePress, there is no need to migrate to VitePress. Both projects are going to continue to co-exist for the foreseeable future.


Note this is early WIP! Currently, the focus is on making Vite stable and feature-complete first. It is not recommended to use this for anything serious yet.

In case you decide to move your project to VitePress, this is a list of differences from VuePress v1.7.1 that you need to take into account.



Site Config

Default Theme Config

Default Theme

Computed Globals

  • Missing
    • $lang
    • $localePath

Frontmatter Predefined Variables

Frontmatter Default Theme Variables



  • Missing
    • key
    • path
    • regularPath

Global Components